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Ready from Day 1.

I’m introducing a new twist to achieving a realistic patina copper effect on metal in a non-traditional way. We call it perfect patina in paradise and it’s just one of the many effects created.

It was my unique background as a master painter that challenged me to capitalize and create this finish.  Could it be done?

Speed in production using industrial powder coatings as a creative force intrigued me the most. It was my muse and yet it’s a painter’s crux. They are bound by this rule or risk losing the quality of the effect they are trying to create if not heeded.

Today’s powder coatings.

The current culture around powder coating doesn’t lend itself easily to visual innovation. It relies upon industry standards like single or two-coat systems as common methods to produce metal coatings. Lately, the focus has been mainly on margin & equipment to move the industry rather than developing better skill-based methods.

The limited availability for customers seeking aged, distressed & patinated finishes are not from a lack of demand but rather ability.

That is until now.

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I’ve used similar techniques to produce other exotic finishes, including weathered steel, stone, marbling & wood effects  – Ross Scott

How aged finishes are done today.

Current options in the market today are acids and chemical mixtures. They create one of two outcomes, living finishes or faux painted finishes.  Most are caustic and include solvents that are harmful to the environment and the applicator. Here are some other limitations: 

  • Aqueous solutions, such as anodizing, are fallible if done improperly and reflect older production methods.  
  • These traditional methods can be slow due to dry times between coats.
  • Clean up is messy and may require extra floor space or ventilation during the curing process.
  • Countries are limiting large-scale production.

Due to restrictions and laws forbidding the use of such products putting downward pressure on the future of artistic finish methods, while demand continues to grow.

Sublimation is an expensive alternative but its uses are limited when it comes to small part production & custom fabrications.

Where do we go from here?

I believe this finish provokes conventional thinking & disrupts market expectations, especially with an AAMA certification or other classification.

Combined with signature palettes our stacked applications are able to mimic traditional liquid & chemical application methods without all the headaches to achieving them.

Whether you’re a product engineer or a luxury homeowner these exotic metal finishes are readily available for small & large scale production.

Be one of the first in North America(quite possibly the world) to bring this highly innovative look to luxury architectural finishing using only powder coating. No expensive copper, liquid paint, sublimation, or chemical induction.

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