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Aloha & welcome. My name is Ross Scott. I own Maui Powder Works, a powder coating shop in Hawaii and I’ve been powder coating for almost 20 years. I was inspired to create my line of powder effects after an award-winning artist challenged me to try & mimic his own living patina finish. The sample passed not only the architect but the welder who had been creating living finishes for over 40 years.

If you are here… you‘ve searched and searched for a one coat solution to replicate truly aged copper. Maybe you’re painting your patinas on metal surfaces but are disappointed in effectively scaling production & dry times in between coats. If you’re creating living finishes you already know the burden it puts on your business & employees when etching with chemicals.

This is something more than just a one coat powder application. What we offer is a realistic distressed effect that is safer to apply than a living finish and can outlast any painted surface. It is a non-traditional method of application in combination with a specific color palette that delivers the durability & longevity the powder coating industry has come to expect.

Launched in 2019, CoaterFX’s new line of powder-coated finishes called Patina Powder Coating is going to change the way you apply powder coat applications forever. The innovative applications can produce beautiful, realistic finishes that are in demand without losing their toughness and durability the industry has come to expect.

I was intrigued by the ability to use industrial powder coatings as a creative force in the production of luxury looks in the manufacturing process. I credit this outcome to my unique background in faux finishing techniques he learned as a master painter before getting into the metal coating business.

Beyond offering it to our own clients we thought…

Could we teach this as a course to other powder coaters?

Before I answer that I will rephrase the question to… who is this course NOT for?

This course is not for people who are just getting started on powder coating. You need to be confident in your coating skills and preferably a solid handle on your gun settings.

Check out his CoaterFX powder coating school online.

This course is not for industrial clients or large manufacturing lines. We are available for consulting please contact us directly. The concepts taught here are for custom powder coaters with established clientele or are ready to open up new markets in their area.

We plan on offering additional powder effects techniques as either a bonus to the course or as separately offered classes.