Innovation is happening rapidly in the powder coating industry, from powders reaching new heights in durability and longevity to custom coater creatives.  It’s an exciting time to be in this industry. With projected hi-growth into the second decade, you can expect powder coating to touch aspects of architecture, automotive and home goods like never before.

So it is with great pleasure that Maui Powder Works, a local powder coater serving all-islands, introduces a new twist on achieving a realistic patina copper effect to metal in a non-traditional way. We call it a patina simulation with powder coating or a non-living patina versus a living finish or an induced effect.

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A heavily distressed patina effect to a resort side gate in Maui, Hawaii

Ross Scott, the owner of Maui Powder Works and his new line of distressed powder coating called Powder Effects© . He credits his outcome on working 15 years in furniture refinishing before getting into the metal coating business.

“Our patina effect is perfect from day one,” says Scott. “You no longer have to wait for aging to occur.”  Achieving a perfect architectural effect immediately without waiting for change over time is important to the resort and luxury home markets.  These high-end markets demand ready-made finishes but seek the quality of being environmentally friendly, meaning they are safe for people to be around. This appeal is an added bonus when most patina effects are created today using layers of harsh chemicals to encourage the same effect to metal.

There’s one more bonus…cost. Copper is a very expensive metal to use.  We can achieve a similar effect using gates and railings made out of cheaper substrates, like aluminum and steel.  It’s a win-win for the manufacturing and contracting market.

The effect itself can be modified to the buyers’ specs. With this unique proprietary process, different effects can be created.  Similar to what you find in nature, the effect can range from simple distressing to heavily distressed, aged looks. Maui Powder Works can use different colors to create different effects, the sky’s the limit.

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